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The Cult of June

The Cult of June - A psychotropic ghost story about a clairvoyant woman connected to an East London girl murdered in St Clement's Psychiatric Hospital in Nineteen Eighty-Six.

Marianne, a young woman with clairvoyant abilities, has been connected with murdered teenager June Samuels since infancy. Their story unveils amidst the darkened halls of the derelict St Clement's hospital, inspired by their unique relationship -- having met in an evocative landscape of childhood dreams -- linked not simply by family or friendship but by visions of a special fantasy world visible only to them and a bond that exists beyond death through their eternal sisterhood. The adult Marianne embarks on a journey to pursue the strange cult that abducted June and the demonic leader responsible for her murder.



Project Outline


  • 15 minute short is made in August 2014 as a teaser for the feature film.

  • A first draft is written by Robert Williams and Shan Ng in July 2014 to submit for UK fundings.

  • A key device throughout the narrative is the use of poetic language by all the spiritual characters heralding from the afterlife. Speaking with a sense of perspective, having witnessed all human truths in a supernatural netherworld and seeing mankind's folly and transient concerns for their true meaninglessness, these beings speak with specificity and eloquence not afforded the living characters in their colloquial dialogue -- the exception being when Marianne crosses over into poetry during a sequence of visions.

2016 Hackney Attic Film Festival

2015 Northants Film Festival

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