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Left Behind Children - 2'15"


It is a short film animated in After Effects produced for the BBC News website, BBC World News Channel and World Service languages.  

The United Nations estimates that more than 900 million people globally move away for work, often leaving their children behind.

It is a big issue in China which has 61 million so called 'left behind children'.


Normally, grandparents or relatives raise the children, but despite family care they can still register feelings of abandonment.








Written, Directed, Animated and Produced by Shan Ng

Puppets Designed, Created and Operated by Orla O'Connor Laurie,

Dark Star Puppets

Director of Photography: Ross Turner

Arts Department: Lucy Edkins

Sound Design: Keith Graham

Original Score: Yi Yao

Assistant Producer: Robert Williams


It can also be viewed on the BBC website here:



It was also aired on BBC World News as part of a mini-series - a live discussion with a guest from Unicef and a video feature on left behind children cases in Bangladsh.

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