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Can the Arts prevent ex-prisoners from re-offending? - 5'



A Video Feature for BBC Online / BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire/ BBC News


More than one in four criminals reoffend within a year, according to the most recent Ministry of Justice figures.


Debarred Theatre founder Dean Stalham is a writer, visual artist and activist for prison reform - as well as a former prisoner himself.

He believes theatre builds the confidence of ex-offenders and, as a result, tackles re-offending and offers means for rehabilitation.

Dean's play, The Barred, was performed in a reading at the Royal Court Theatre earlier this year.


He spoke to BBC News about how art saved his life, and why he wants to help others.





Written, Filmed, Directed, Produced and Edited by Shan Ng

Assistant Producer: Robert Williams


It can also be viewed on the BBC website here:





It was also aired on television BBC 2 Victoria Derbyshire on 29th May 2015 

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