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Narcissus  - 4'30'' (2013) – music video/experimental


commissioned by Bomba Suicida, Portugal

Narcissus is a story of impossible love. It consists of a series of flashback sequences of an old man, a tailor, revisiting his memory of his childhood. A tailor-made suit by his childhood sweetheart brings back these precious childhood memories with her playing ‘sandcastle’, ‘skipping’ and ‘pin the donkey’. He discovers some messages hidden inside the lining of the suit by his childhood sweetheart, one of them goes, ‘They told me you were dead’. A dream-like temporal and spatial relationship of events forms a backdrop for this innocent, yet dark and melancholic story. Narcissus is an original score composed and performed by Tania Carvalho.


2016 Rugby Festival of Culture

2016 Hackney Attic Film Festival, 2014

2013 Officially selected in Leamington Underground Cinema Festival for screening and prize competition

2014 Lunar Festival, UK

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