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Merry-Go-Round - 10' (2008)

commissioned by Film London, winner of Enfield Borough Film Fund


"Merry-Go-Round" is a romantic comedy with a twist, set in a launderette and a council estate in Edmonton Green, London - a cheeky tale of girl wants boy with a surprise ending.
Ann is secretly in love with her neighbour, Chris, but even though she tried hard to catch his eyes, he never seems to be looking her way. When Ann spies Chris heading towards the launderette, she follows him. Inside, she tries to attract his attention by furtively dropping her sexy bra into his washing basket and leaving a bright red lipstick kiss on his white T-shirt. But still no response! Little does she know what is awaiting her.



Wood Green International Film Festival, nominated for Best Local Short

Best of the Borough, National Film Theatre, London

Urban Film Festival, London

Portobello Lounge, Writer’s Ink, London

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