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A Little Night Music


By Amy Ng




3am.  A pregnant woman sits on the floor of a locked bathroom, staring at violent rape scenes on a laptop screen. A dominatrix taunts her for being frigid, for faking it with her husband, and for keeping her teenage rape secret from him.  An adolescent girl obsessively recounts the details of the rape, and attacks the pregnant woman because she’s about to  birth a baby girl into a world of rapists. Her husband knocks on the bathroom door.  Will the pregnant woman let him in?   Or will she continue to be imprisoned in her secret world, tormented by these punitive figures of her traumatized psyche?











The Bread and Roses, London, 2016


Part of One Billion Rising Festival, 8-day festival to end violence against women in human history.


Video and Sound by Ross Turner

The Space, London, 2013


Part of the Unheard, a new writing festival exploring themes around sexual abuse & violence.

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