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Directing BBC Radio 4 Drama - Tiger Girls

broadcasting on 17th July 2018


Tiger Girls Audio Extract

Crystal Yu plays Michelle
Adam J Bernard plays Roy

Shan is nominated for Best Director by BBC Audio Drama Awards  2018/19           

Programme information on BBC website

Tiger Girls


Crystal Yu plays Michelle, a Tiger Girl addicted to gambling in London's casinos. What will it take for her to walk away from family, culture and the empty promise of huge wealth?

Michelle's a paediatrician, being pursued by colleague Roy who wants to get serious. She likes him but she has a big secret to conceal. She's a gambler and a liar - like all addicts.

She's from a family of gamblers, steeped in its culture, and she just can't kick the thrill. She consults her almanac daily, looking to see if it's an auspicious day for Tiger Girls. If the signs are good, she'll drop everything to get to the roulette table. Like her grandma, she was born in the Year of the Tiger and good fortune comes from the South East. But unlike her grandma, she can't walk away after three wins. And she's lost so much already.

Loud, brash and colourful, the drama takes us into the heart of the British-Chinese community.

Writer Amy Ng is a London based Hong Kong-Chinese playwright named on the BBC's New Talent Hotlist. Director Shan Ng is an experienced television and film director making her directorial Radio 4 drama debut.

Writer: Amy Ng
Sound Designer: James Morgan
Additional music: Ruth Chan, Nick Crofts
Director: Shan Ng

Producer: Melanie Harris
Executive Producer: Polly Thomas

A Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4


Role Contributor

Michelle          Crystal Yu

Grandma        Pik-Sen Lim

Roy                  Adam J Bernard

Shirley             Liz Sutherland-Lim

Cousin Ting    Lobo Chan

Writer              Amy Ng

Director          Shan Ng

Producer        Melanie Harris

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