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...May Wong (2010) - 18'30'' - drama


commissioned by Chinatown Arts Space and The Arts Council of England



...May Wong is an imaginary portrait of the dreams of Anna May Wong (1905-61), the first Chinese-American movie star. By the age of 9 she was missing school to go to beg for parts in film studios, despite the opposition of her father. The height of racism against Chinese in America under Hay's Code and Chinese Exclusion Acts formed a backdrop of Wong's tragic love life and frustrated film career. The toll of celebrity on her personal life manifested itself into depression, excessive smoking and drinking. Inspired by the factual aspects of Wong's life, the film is a series of dream sequence exploring Wong's subconscious of her childhood, sexuality and her complex about fame.


Premiere at The Royal Opera House, London, in 2010.



2012 Portabello Film Festival

2012 BBC Shorts Festival

2012 Beijing International Film Festival, China

2011 Invited to screen in San Gio’ Video Festival, Verona, Italy

2011 Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong;

2011 Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House, London


Hong Kong Arts Festival - meet the artists

Shan -  second from the left

Linbury Theatre, The Royal Opera House

San Giò Verona Festival

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